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News & Updates
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  • 25 Mar 2018

Career Counseling

With our experience of dealing with the students and parents we found that many times they are confused about choosing the "right career" from plethora of choices available to-day. We felt the need to introduce scientifically designed Career Assessment tool to help students and parents make the informed decision. Hence we have created Career Counseling vertical which offers Pathfinder a scientifically designed aptitude test followed by personal counseling to help students understand their true potential and make the selection of career based on their interest, ability and aptitude.

Pathfinder is recommended for all students from Std 9th onwards.

Aptitude Test - Pathfinder & Pathfinder Plus

To help choose right career

What does Pathfinder do?

  • E-assesses an individual's Interests, Abilities and Behavioural traits based on psychometrically developed tools
  • Combines these to develop a career report which suggests career choices and fitment
  • Helps make informed career decisions
  • Offersan individualized CareerCounseling session
Knowledge Academy
Pathfinder & Pathfinder Plus
Online Career Assessment Tool


Under our present education system a child has to choose his/her career at a very early age before he/she realizes his/her true potential. It hence becomes a challenge to identify and bring out a child's potential and even larger issue is that such career decision by and large is irreversible.
Unfortunately most of the children make the career decision without the proper assessment of their potential but under the influence of parents wish, peer pressures or by following the heard! Many times the result is square peg in a round whole, The personal unhappiness and failure to achieve results that come from being a square peg in a round hole is not by any means new.
What we need is the objective assessment tools which help students to discover and develop their true potential and help them choose a career path of their interest.

With the above objective in mind, we at knowledge Academy have launched, the PathfinderTool.

  • AComputer based assessment of approximate 2 hours

There are 3 Sections:

    • Section A: Ability Mapping
    • Section B: Interest Mapping
    • Section C: Personality Mapping

    Each section will have Multiple Choice Questions

  • There are no wrong or right answers, report is based on student responses.

No preparation is required to take the test.
Basic knowledge of Computers is required to take the test.
Pathfinder is recommended for all students of standard 9 onwards.
Pathfinder Plus is recommended for all students after standard 12th onwards

The Pathfinder test is developed by Eduquity Career Technologies (P) ltd. Knowledge Academy is Authorised Testing and Delivery Center of Eduquity Career Technologies (P) Ltd.

I have cleared my CA IPCE in a very easy manner. I had Complete faith in the faculties of Knowledge Academy - Fountainhed in a very easy and practical manner. Because Knowledge Academy - Fountainhead gives lots of Importance to students, they try their best to adjust with their college timings and other curriculum . More work and no play makes Jack a dull boy - has been rightly understood by Knowledge Academy - Fountainhead., thats the reason they give a platform to all their students to showcase their talent in their Annual Cultural Festival called IGNITE - Ms. Pooja V Chhabra

The Tagline of Knowledge Academy - Fountainhead itself says Concepts + Applications. The word Concepts means the indepth knowledge, the basic idea, why for what reason it has been formed. The same has been given to me by Knowledge Academy - Fountainhead. .The expert faculties over here know that students wont be able to crack the examinations if they are only thorough with the concepts, they need to know the applications too. Hence the applications were also taught to us as how to apply the same concepts in our professional life. - Mr. Priyank Banker

I have cleared 2 Levels of CFA US Course. I am an Information and Control Engineer, but due to my inclimation towards Finance and Management, I always wanted to go for a Finance Degree. I attended an orientation programme at Knowledge Academy & when my doubts got cleared, I decided to go for the course. Use of Modern tools like Powerpoint Presentations, and internet facility to connect you to the real world, eases the process of learning. In a nutshelll if i say , yes , these qualities make Knowledge Academy a centre for Excellence - Ms. Sachi

I think Knowledge Academy Means Experienced Faculties, state of the art Infrastructure and the best and the most important part is Environment of Discussion and Investigation into the practical insights of your subject that not only leads to excellence but also increases and enhances your love for the subjects. I can very easily and happily say that Thanks to the abled guidance & support of the faculties @ KA, I was able to clear all my CFP Papers in a single attempt - Mr. Siddharth

I am pursuing my F Y B Com & CFP From Knowledge Academy. Talking about Path Finder Test, its like a mirror kept in front of you. It Highlights all your Weaknesses and Stengths. I was so confused and like all other XII passed students, I was really stressed as to what should I do? Then I came up with this test. It covers all the aspects of your life. Your Interests, Personality, and everything else. The Counseling Sessions are also very brilliant and the counselor is also calm and patient with you. She answers all your doubts and queries. It Boosted up my confidence and I am now full on working towards my goal without any second thought. - Ms. Khushali Rathod.

I am pursuing Chartered Financial Analyst Course at Knowledge Academy. As of now, I have completed the first 2 levels. The Teaching Methods are very straight to the point and of great clarity. The Lecturers have the ability to make the most difficult concept very understandable with fine delivery and yet maintaining the focus towards exam preparations. The Faculties at Knowledge Academy are very enthusiastic, motivational and very passionate about what they teach in their respective fields. These Qualities the Passion and the Experience added a different dimension to our learning and made it very enjoyable for us. The Faculties are also very easily approachable and have strong focus on individual students, depending on their strengths and weaknesses. Personally, studying level 2 at Knowledge Academy has increased my depth of understanding and has also given me great insight into many areas of finance which before being at Knowledge Academy was a closed door for me. Lastly I owe my success to finest lecturers at Knowledge Academy, without whom passing level 2 wasn’t possible for me. - Vidhi.

I am pursuing CA-Final From Knowledge Academy. I have been with Knowledge Academy since CA-CPT. We are blessed with very good faculty team. Faculty Team is always available for any help and doubt solving. Moreover, Resources given by Knowledge Academy in terms of Notes and Guidance are much beyond value. As we are here since CPT, Knowledge Academy is like our second home. Speaking of Faculty we have Mehul Sir with us who is very good faculty for Taxation known all over India. - BhumishPad shah.

I am pursuing CA-Final May 2015 from Knowledge Academy. I have been here since CA-CPT and it has been a wonderful journey. Knowledge is based on the foundation of Concepts as well as Applications. It is also wellknown for its Infrastructure and we are blessed with experienced faculties and staff members which provides us with necessary resources for studies. - Dhwanil Shah.

I am completed CFP Coaching from Knowledge Academy. Its really great experience to have joined CFP Program at Knowledge Academy. As I left studies long back, restarting with the same again was very challenging. When I thought of doing emerging courses for Career Enhancement at Knowledge Academy, I found resourceful faculties who made the entire process, extremely smooth for me and I also got insights of Financial Planning which can be implemented for my own. I would specially thank Prashant Sir and Sandeep Sir for helping me throughout. Thank You Knowledge Academy for enhancing my Knowledge and Skills which will help me throughout my life. - Ravi Tripathi.

I am pursuing CS Executive Course at Knowledge Academy. It has been a unique experience to study at Knowledge Academy Fountainhead. The way of teaching at Knowledge Academy with the abled faculty team gives an insight into the practical applications of the Concepts learnt through Perfect Theories in Class which makes learning interesting. At Knowledge Academy, the systematic routines, highly efficient study material and friendly environment helps us to make our learning fun. Knowledge Academy also ensures professional and personal growth of a student alongwith academics, hence I would like to Thank entire team Knowledge Academy Fountainhead. - Kirti Mishra .

I have studied CA-IPCC at Knowledge Academy. I enjoy studying here because of great infrastructure and best faculties. I had thoroughly enjoyable learning experience here. I recommend Knowledge Academy to anybody who wishes to pursue CA. - Sweety Thakkar .

True learning only occurs when concepts and applications are combined. This is what Knowledge Academy stands for as far as I am concerned. I am pursuing CA-IPCC May 2015. At Knowledge Academy Faculty prepares us not only for examination purpose but also for real life experience. I have enjoyed a lot with Knowledge Academy and also invite others to learn with fun here. - Dharini Shah .

I have appeared for CA-IPCC Exams. It was fun to learn with extremely helpful and learned faculties at Knowledge Academy. Knowledge Academy believes in Concept Building rather than cramming up for exams. Thereby I would strongly recommend others to join Knowledge Academy and to make learning fun. - Nikhar Kapadia .

I am a CA Final Student studying with Knowledge Academy. My attempt falls due in May 2015 and my Preparation Course and Studying at Knowledge Academy has been a wonderful experience. I would like to sum up this entire experience with an adage which goes like “Buy man a fish and feed him for a day, but teach man how to fish and feed him for life time. My studies at Knowledge Academy have helped me become self independent so that tomorrow I can go out in the market and be self sufficient in whatever I need to perform and can take up any challenge for myself. It helps me become more independent and think for myself which perfectly suits the Concepts and their Applications. The state of the art Infrastructure provided by Knowledge Academy makes studies comfortable and pleasurable job here at Knowledge. At Knowledge I have learnt Concepts that I can apply in my life and which can truly help me pave the way to a life which I can too recall backward. Thank You Knowledge Academy. - Rohan Maheshwari .

Dear Madam, First of all I am grateful to Knowledge Academy for arranging kind of very useful subject course/test which plays vital role to choose a path and solve confusion of career . My overall experience was very good and satisfactory from very beginning inquiry to counseling about PathFinder+. I would like to thanks to you for explaining me in depth & transparently about my nature , my behavior , my past experience and activities and according to which career I should go for better results basis to test analysis. This test has given me clarity for selection of right career. Your advise will become very useful for me for better future.Also it will help me to boost up confidence level & to cross certain my own limitations. Thank you very much for being my inspiration. - Varun Pandya .

Respected Madam Anitaji, We are very thankful to you regarding an excellent councilling session we had yesterday with my wife and daughter Zainab. It was a reallity check for my daughter and she has appreciated the manner in which you you showed her the shortcommings of her nature. We are also thankful to you because yesterday during the session i was really able to convey my feelings for my daughter to her. Zainab today has been almost convinced to take science stream. I am very grateful to you and once again I & my wife would like to say THANKS. With best regards Ilyas Nadir Chataiwala - Mr. Ilyas Chataiwala .